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Trikem WorkingDog Energy Booster, Dietary supplement for dogs

Dietary supplements

Energy booster for maximum performance! Perfect for active dogs that are trained and compete hard, especially during the competition period and hunting season.



A powerful energy booster with MCT oil that quickly supplies the muscles with concentrated energy. Completely hydrolyzed in the intestine and stored in the muscles for direct conversion to energy. Formulated with CLA that boosts fat burning and further contributes to increasing performance and endurance during physical exertion. MCT oil is medium-chain fatty acids from exclusive oils. These are metabolized more efficiently than traditional oils in the body and have become an obvious and highly valued source of energy for high-performance athletes. CLA is a fat burner that catalyzes the conversion of stored fat into readily available energy. In addition to the beneficial effect of boosting energy, research studies have shown that CLA contributes to the production of the fatty acids that are nourishment for the brain and thus stimulates learning and memory. Given as a concentrated energy supplement for 1 week before maximum performance. Builds powerful energy reserve. If Energy Booster is used for longer periods such as hunting season or competition period, extra attention should be paid to the dog's hull. If you are going to a multi-day competition in agility or other sports where energy and concentration are required, this supplement is a perfect way to recharge the reserves. Dosage: Daily 10 ml/10 kg body weight 1 week before planned maximum performance. Double dose on the day of the activity and the day before. Should not be overdosed with major deviations from the recommended dosage. All WorkingDog products are withdrawal-free on the condition that they are not used to hide damage or mental problems in the dog.

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