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Whimzees Dental Toothbrush Star

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Toothbrush star from Whimzees helps reduce plaque and prevent tartar on the dog's teeth.



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Chewing bones that help prevent plaque. Only natural ingredients. Vegetarian grain-free dental chew also suitable for sensitive dogs. Unique grooved shapes help to work the chew into smaller spaces between the dog's teeth. and antioxidants plus fiber to promote regularity and help with good digestive health.Produced sustainably with no artificial ingredients colors flavors or preservatives or GMOs gluten or meat How many dental toothbrush stars can you give per day?We recommend giving one dental toothbrush star a day (of the appropriate size for the dog).Ingredients: POTATO STARCH GLYCERIN CELLULOSE POWDER LECITHIN DRIED YEAST MALT EXTRACT SWEET LUPINE MEAT ALFALFA EXTRACT PEPPER EXTRACT SizesXS - 2-7 kgS - 7-12 kgM - 12-18 kgL - 18-27 kgXL - 27+ kg*Not suitable for dogs under 9 months or under 2 kg in weight.

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Right now we have a 10-14 day longer delivery time due to stock moves