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In the range from Canelana you will find, among other things, our bestseller Ambassador wool coat and several other models of dog coats and wool beds. The dog beds and coats are warm, functional and durable, Canelana's focus is on the animals' well-being, comfort and quality. The coats are designed in Norway and produced in Poland.

Why wool coat for dog?

Wool has three fantastic properties: It warms, insulates and breathes. Keeping the dog's muscles warm both before and after the walk and exercise can prevent injuries and help the dog recover faster. The dog's body therefore does not need to use unnecessary energy to keep the body temperature up.

The wool coat can be useful for all dogs regardless of breed. Especially older dogs, dogs with injuries or osteoarthritis will often have poorer circulation and thus freeze more easily. Nobody likes to freeze! Wool should be the first choice for all dogs on cold and damp days. Feel free to put your hand under the coat to feel if the dog is cold or warm.


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