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The dog's feeding area is often a favorite spot for your furry friend. Here, the dog should be able to eat calmly without being disturbed, and the type of feeding bowl you choose depends a bit on your dog's behavior. If the dog moves the bowl around a lot while eating, a stable, slightly heavier bowl such as one made of ceramic is preferred. For larger dogs, it is more comfortable to have a raised feeding station, where the food is elevated to a suitable height for the dog's size. If your dog eats very quickly, it can be a good idea to try a slow feeder mat to force it to eat more slowly. The dog has to work a little harder to get the food, making it harder to gulp it down. And don't forget the water bowl, which should always contain fresh water! In our range of dog bowls, you will find brands such as Dogman, LickiMat, and Ruffwear.


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