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Orbiloc Safety Light has, in just a few years, become an international success that has grown from the niche market to now being on the shelves in all large veterinary clinics and pet stores. Orbiloc Safety Light distinguishes itself – in addition to the original design – with a number of superior specifications in terms of durability, 100% waterproof, visibility and flexibility, and in terms of its attachment to collars, lines or other equipment. With the Orbiloc Safety Light, you choose strap, colour and placement according to need, desire and occasion.

Orbilocs vision is to ensure that all customers – individual people, professional organizations and their canine companions – have the highest possible level of safety when it is dark, in all kinds of weather and in every type of environment. Orbiloc strive to operate in the best possible way, providing the best possible services while taking the concerns of both the community and the environment into account.


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