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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino

299 kr

Win every time with Nina Ottosson Dog Casino! Fill with treats or food and let your dog figure out how to find the goodies.


31.5 x 26 cm, height 4.5 cm.



Dog Casino is a level 3 game from Nina Ottosson, which involves multi-step problem solving, and is the hardest level.

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino is a smart choice for dog owners and dog trainers who want to engage and challenge the dog through training. Unlike candy balls and the like, Dog Casino gives your dog a harder challenge through multi-step problem solving.

No loose parts. The built-in parts of the game do not come off when the dog plays.

The bone-shaped puzzle pieces that lock the boxes with treats are unique to the Nina Ottosson Dog Casino. If your dog has figured out how to open the drawers, you can twist these so that the dog has to unlock them first to open the drawers.

LEVEL 3 CHALLENGE: Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games are suitable for all dogs regardless of age, size or breed. This Level 3 game is recommended for dogs who need more of a challenge, but can be made easier or harder using the bone-shaped puzzle pieces on the top.

Start with the bone-shaped puzzle pieces in the unlocked position, open the boxes and put in candy or food. Close the drawers and let the game begin! To make it more difficult, you can twist the legs into a locked position, so the dog has to start by unlocking them to then be able to pull out the drawers. Dogs are smarter than you think, you just have to teach them how to do it!

Freeze the game! Mix some meaty dog ​​food or raw food with water, click a little in each immersion, or put a piece of sausage/candy in each compartment and pour some water. Place the game in the freezer until it is frozen. Perfect for energetic dogs, warm weather or for an extra long playtime.

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games go a step further than ordinary toys - they are brain exercises for your dog. Do not leave the dog alone, and do not let the dog chew or bite them. Teach the dog to use the games - play and have fun together! Set aside until next time.

Clean with warm running water and mild detergent, rinse thoroughly. Refill for more fun!

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