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Hurtta Monsoon

“Perfect for everyday walks”

Dog out in nature in the rain with an orange rain blanket from Hurtta Monsoon

High collar with drawstring to prevent water from running down the neck into the jacket. A drawstring at the neck also for a better fit. Drawstring at the bottom and tail to be able to adjust the length to the length of the back and to make room for the tail. Reflective parts at the back for increased visibility in the dark. Protects the stomach from dirt and also has strings to thread around the legs to keep the cover in place.

  • Water column 10,000 mm
  • Covers the stomach
  • Leg straps to keep the cover in place
  • Buckle opening in back
  • Available in four colours, blackberry, blueberry, sea buckthorn and rosehip
  • Size, back length, 20-90cm

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Non-stop Fjord

“Perfect for the hike with its light weight and accompanying pack bag”

Dog out in the forest with a blue raincoat from Non-stop Fjord

Dog out in the forest with purple and gray rain cover from Non-stop Fjord

A thin cover that protects against both rain and wind. High water column of 15,000 mm which is safe even in heavy rain, good ventilation and smart drainage holes on the chest to prevent water from collecting there and the dog getting cold. It has reflective details for visibility in the dark. It is lightweight and has a compression bag that it can be stored in. Leg straps to keep the blanket in place, leash opening on the back to be able to attach a leash to a harness that you can then use underneath. More places for adjustment, drawstring at the end of the collar to prevent water from running down the dog's neck. Drawcord at the neck for a good fit and drawcord at the bottom and tail to be able to adjust the length to the length of the back and to make room for the tail.

  • Water column 15,000 mm
  • Flexible packing bag
  • Light weight
  • Buckle opening in back
  • Covers the stomach
  • Leg straps to keep the cover in place
  • Available in five colors, black, blue, purple, orange and green
  • Size, back length, 24-90cm

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Pump Said

"Suitable for those who mainly wear necklaces."

Dog in the forest with orange raincoat from Pomppa Sade

This picture is from Pomppa, picture from Alexandra will come soon

A thin rain cover that provides protection against both rain and wind. The collar goes up over the neck for protection, but at the same time is very easy to fold down when needed. In the neck of the collar there is also an opening for attaching the leash to the dog's collar. There is also an opening for the tail at the back of the cover so the dog can lift the tail without the cover being lifted. Does not have straps around the legs, which suits those dogs who find this uncomfortable. Reflective around the back for visibility in the dark. If your dog is a bit frozen, Pomppa also has the model Kevyt which has the same properties as Sade but also a thin warming layer of fleece.

  • Several nice colors such as petrol, orange and plum
  • Hole in the collar to attach the leash to the necklace
  • Water column 5000 mm
  • Covers the stomach
  • Good intermediate sizes
  • Size, back length, 25-85cm

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So, which rain jacket should you choose for your dog?

All blankets have their pros and cons depending on what you are looking for for your dog. What they all have in common is that they are ergonomically adapted and give the dog good mobility while protecting against rain and wind. All are put on over the head, have protection for the stomach and are fastened at the back. If you have difficulty finding a size that fits your dog, it might be a tip to look at Pomppa's intermediate sizes, as these differ slightly from other brands. If you are looking for a blanket for the hike, check out Nonstops Fjord, as this has a low weight and includes a compression bag. If you're looking for one that feels a little more solid, take a look at Hurtta's Monsoon, which feels perfect for all situations. If your dog doesn't like the strings that are attached around the legs, check out Pomppa Sade as this model does not have them.

The test is carried out by Alexandra and her two dogs Yogi (Australian Shepherd) and Boo Boo (Miniature Australian Shepherd), enter and follow them on @thenordicbears for more magical images!