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ROUGH! Nordic Cowhide chewing bones 25 cm

Chewing bone
Color25 cm

The authentic Nordic chewing bone. Dried in the traditional way from cowhide without additives.

Size guide

Weight approx. 150 g Length approx. 250 mm Width approx. 60 mm Thickness approx. 35 mm


Crude protein 87.2% Crude fat 1.6% Moisture 6.2%

  • ROUGH! the products are 100% Nordic craftsmanship
  • Bacteriologically clean
  • Removes tartar and prevents gingivitis
  • A tasty and delicate pastime for the dog.
  • Light and with low energy content


Genuine Nordic chewing bone 25 is a dream for the medium-sized dog. The leather is just thick enough and has been folded into a long-lasting roll.

The chewing bones from RAUH! produced from a single piece of leather and dried in the traditional way. They consist of the best quality raw materials and are made in Finland as a craft.

Keep an eye on your dog when he is chewing on chew bones and make sure there is always fresh water nearby.
Store dry at room temperature.

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