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Kerotugg Tuggrulle Nöt Svensk 15 cm

Kerotug Chew roll Beef Swedish 15 cm

Chewing bone

Chewing bone made of Swedish dried cowhide from Kerotugg 15 cm. Perfect for small dogs or as a reward for dog training.

Size guide

Length approx. 15 cm. Diameter approx. 15-20mm. Weight about 20 grams.



Chew roller Nöt 15 cm is Kerotugg's smallest chew stick made of Swedish Nötskin that is suitable for the slightly smaller dogs or for the larger ones that have problems with thicker chewing bones.

Durable chewing bone made from the absolute finest raw materials. Good chewing resistance that effectively cleans the teeth of your four-legged friend. Unlike many other dog bones on the market, Nöt 15 is free from artificial additives, bleaches or other chemicals – just pure natural reindeer taste that your dog will love!

Always remember to keep your dog under supervision when he chews on chew bones and that he has access to clean water!

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