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Kerotugg Tuggrulle Nöt Svensk 16 cm

Kerotug Chew roll Beef Swedish 16 cm

Chewing bone

Durable chewing bone made of Swedish cowhide from Kerotugg 16 cm. T the Ugrollen Nöt is perfect for small to medium-sized fur coats.

Size guide

Length approx. 16 cm diameter approx. 25 x 40 mm. Weight about 60 grams.


  • No additives or other weirdness.
  • Suitable for medium-sized dogs.
  • A favorite with our four-legged friends.


Kerotugg Tuggrolle Nöt Svensk 16 cm is a real bestseller that is suitable for a large selection of dogs.

Long chewing time for a medium-sized dog! No additives in Kerotugg's chewing bones, no preservatives - Kerotugg uses fresh ingredients.

They do not bleach the chewing bones, therefore they can vary slightly in color, from almost white to a brown shade. All so that your beloved four-legged friend does not ingest any unnecessary chemicals.

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