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Pomppa Oy was established in 2008. It specializes in designing and manufacturing ready-made dog clothes. The main product of Pomppa is a protective dog’s coat that differs from the traditional coats on the market by its model and patterning.

All Pomppa designs are based on the dog and its needs. Pomppa unites functionality, practicality and fit.
The clothes protect the dog from cold and moisture without restricting his/her natural movements.

We start our design from a specific use; jackets designed for different weather conditions serve
the dog best in the specific conditions. Ease of putting on a dog, durable materials and stylish colors  seal the functionality of a Pomppa.

”Pomppa” is an old Finnish word that means an old-fashioned woolen overcoat that protected you
from the cold in the winter and from the heat in the summer. The coat kept you comfortable in all weather conditions. This same ideology is adopted in the design of modern Pomppa coats for dogs.
Pomppa dog coats aim to balance the environmental conditions so that your dog is able to enjoy being outdoor no matter the weather.

All Pomppa coats are professionally designed in detail to answer to your dog’s needs
and varying conditions. The materials are chosen and tested carefully to function precisely the correct way.

Size changes 2018

The revision of the size system brings about new names for the mid-sizes, smaller gaps between sizes as well as an additional size. The previous sizes 41, 45, 50 and 55 will be replaced by sizes 40, 44, 48, 52 and 56. The tweaked sizing system will serve Pomppa's clientele better!
Pomppa Toppa Warming Coat Sky
From 583 kr (From 729 kr)
Pomppa Perus Warming Dog Coat Graphite NEW
From 455 kr (From 569 kr)
Pomppa Kevyt Raincoat Orange
Only one left!
375 kr (469 kr)

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