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Buy Kerotuggs Swedish-made chewing bones from natural raw materials at All of Kerotugg's reindeer, moose and beef chewing bones are made by hand in their factory in northern Sweden.

Kerotugg only uses natural raw materials that come from their local butchers in Norrbotten and works without additives, dyes and bleaches. So naturally it just works! Good, durable and useful!

Moose and Reindeer skin chews are especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs as they are the absolute most natural rawhide chews available. Elk has better chewing time, while reindeer is better suited for puppies and older dogs that need a slightly softer chew.

The products vary in size and weight as they are handmade. We also recommend keeping the dog under supervision when your four-legged friend chews on the leg.


Up to 70% off lots of items!


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