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Dog treats & chew bones

Reward your dog with treats and chew bones from well-known brands such as Trixie, Happy Dog, and Dogman. Chew bones are not only tasty but also stimulate the dog's oral health, promote healthier teeth, and can prevent tartar build-up. You can also find healthy dog treats to reward your dog with, such as high-meat content treats and grain-free treats that are suitable for sensitive dogs. With delicious flavors like duck, beef, lamb, salmon, and more.


Kerotugg Tuggrulle Ren Svensk 15 cm
Kerotugg Tuggrulle Ren Svensk 14 cm
Kerotugg Tuggrulle Älg Svensk 15 cm
4 för 3
4 för 3
Kerotugg Tuggrulle Nöt Svensk 15 cm